GLSL Hacker

Free and Cross-platform

GLSL Hacker is a free demotool with no limitation. Just download it and use it. GLSL Hacker is available for Windows 64-bit, Linux 64-bit, Mac OS X and Raspberry Pi.

Lua, Python and GLSL

GLSL Hacker supports both Lua and Python as main languages for demo coding and GLSL (OpenGL) for realtime shader programming. Lua and Python can be used at the same time in a demo. Some scripts can be coded in Python and others in Lua. It's up to up to mix them as you want. Lua, Python and GLSL can reside in separate files or in a single XML file that acts as a container for all scripts.

Simple to Use

Here is, in few words, how GLSL Hacker works: a demo is essentially made up of one or several initialization scripts (Lua and/or Python) and one or several per frame scripts (Lua and/or Python). Initialization scripts are executed once at the beginning of the demo and frame scripts are executed every frame. That's all.

Low Level Programming

GLSL Hacker does not include a game engine that takes the control over your logic. GLSL Hacker offers a low level API (don't panic, no assembler here) that lets you free to manage your logic and rendering code as you want. You can even code you own dynamic libraries (in C/C++ for example) and load them in Lua and Python scripts.

A stack of features

  • both old and modern OpenGL (need to quickly test a #version 120 GLSL shader, no problem!)
  • vertex, pixel, geometry, tessellation and compute shaders are supported
  • support of FMOD as main sound system (plugin)
  • support of FreeType GL for font rendering (plugin)
  • support of NVIDIA PhysX 3 engine (plugin)
  • support of Syphon on OS X
  • support of FFmpeg for video playback (plugin)
  • support of Leap Motion (plugin)
  • support of 3D objects (*.3ds, *.fbx, *.obj)
  • support of cube shadow mapping
  • support of render targets for post processing like SSAO, DoF, bloom, etc.
  • support of FreeImage for texture loading (plugin)
  • GPU monitoring (plugin)
  • integrated support of webcam on Window (on Linux and OS X, the webcam is accessible via OpenCL in Python!)
  • more...

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